Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Test for Johnny metros

A-list Textilist
Oops must have dropped a thread somewhere along the way.... I didn't realize you made us our own site. oh well now I have a site too. But I will start posting here in response to your posts in regards to our work.

Virgin Blog

Well I finally got a name that wasn't taken and still makes sense to me. then on to step 3 and here I am posting my first posting? is that how you say it? I see there is spell check! Thank the goddess for that one. This has taken so long that now I have to leave to meet Rachel at The Textile Museum of Canada. Going to see the Fray show.

This blog is supposed to be a place for Napkin Please and I to work out ideas for our collaboration due in September. Since I am in Toronto, Cananda and NP is in Woodstock, NY we need to find a way to communicate. Never did this before over mail. In fact never collaborated with NP before even though we have been friends for 27 years or something like that. I am very excited. Who knows what will happen?
Gotta run.

(Napkin Please - I will quickly add some images that I am working with. Hope this helps some.)